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Southard Reid’s presentation will be of work by Lea Cetera and Cayetano Ferrer.  It will comprise the latest iteration of Ferrer's carpet work Remnant Recomposition, a new video sculpture by Cetera, Seafood, and further individual works from Cetera's vernacular arrangements of objects that reference functional, utilitarian and civic design.

Ferrer’s Remnant Recomposition originated in 2014, when shown in its first composition and largest format, at the Swiss Institute in NYC. Taking remnants of Las Vegas casino carpets, Ferrer recomposed the patterns, themselves often replicas of a fusion of historical ornamentation and architectural motif, to fill a large area of the Swiss Institute.  He then conceived the work constantly reconfigured, determined by given spaces, at his selection of extraction and rearrangement, until the final fragment/s.  Previous iterations include Santa Barbara Art Museum (see image), and Bard Hessel.  The embedded flux to the conception of the constantly fragmenting work, consistently further removing material from its source, connects with Ferrer’s exploration into histories of replica, degeneration and loss.

In recent film work Cetera has explored identity within contemporary culture, often stemming from simultaneously wry and profound examination of artistic identity.  She binds this with notions of alienation towards the environment, using the mediation of technology as both format and theme.

Her new film, Seafood, 2018-19, shown for the first time at Liste, utilizes found videos of gutting and re-presentation of fish for consumption as food.  The footage, displaying brutally systematic treatment of hyper-beautiful, rare and wild (sometimes still live) sea-life, addresses resources, hunting, packaging, luxury, exotification and fetishized imagery. Cetera overlays footage with sub-titled observations and anecdote. The screen is encased in a steel cage locating the work in the sculptural realm, setting up a physical and psychological detachment of experience.

Southard Reid
Phillida Reid
David Southard

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Shown at LISTE:

Lea Cetera, US

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