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Flaka Haliti (b. 1982, Kosovo) combines in her artistic practice mixed media, sculpture and spatial installation with a decidedly site-specific approach. Appropriation and rearrangement are continuous lines in her works that create not only new aesthetic patterns, but also reflect critically on geopolitical borders and the visual constructions of identity.

Lately Flaka Haliti has been shortlisted for the Preis der Nationalgalerie 2019. Her works were recently presented in solo exhibitions at National Gallery of Arts, Tirana (2018) and at Kunsthaus Hamburg (2018).

Jonathan Penca (b. 1988, Germany) often addresses in his multifaceted work queer perspectives within collaborative contexts. Following his interest in the conjunctions of natural sciences and popular culture, he depicts in his latest drawings human figures in costumes, each of which represents an “insect of the year”, bringing these unpopular and threatened groups of animals closer to our eyes.

Recently Jonathan Penca has presented solo exhibitions as sympathy for the 6-legged at Deborah Schamoni, Munich (2018) and whole-year-fee-ding at Camera Matteotti, Vienna (2016).

Tobias Spichtig (b. 1982, Switzerland) is an artist whose work ranges from painting to sculpture up to theatrical performances. The motifs of his paintings are often reminiscent of popular cultural codes from the 1990s as well as of altered icons from art history. Taking up references to everyday life and to our habits of communication, he modifies his subjects by oversizing and reshaping, changing the way they can be perceived.

This spring Tobias Spichtig presented a solo exhibition at Museum Folkwang in Essen (2019). Upcoming solo exhibitions include projects at SALTS, Basel, and at Centre d'art contemporain - la synagogue de Delme, France, this year.

Deborah Schamoni

Mauerkircherstr. 186
81925 Munich

+49 89 800 430 97

Shown at LISTE:

Flaka Haliti, XK

Jonathan Penca, DE

Tobias Spichtig, CH