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Instituto de Visión is a gallery dedicated to experimentation and exchange. Our program is focused on conceptual practices that propose micro-revolutions, original perspectives and personal ecosystems inserted into a specific context. The poetics that inspire us originate in interchange, tropicality, decoding, cotidianity, archives and historic revision. 

For this edition of LISTE, IV is pleased to present a two artists project that deals with relevant concepts such as community, human relations, mythical thinking in contra position with other ideas that belong to the fundaments of modernity, like architecture and social control.

Both Carmen Argote (Mexico, 1981) and Carolina Caycedo (London, 1978) have lived the exile and have taken these experiences as a material for their practice. For Carolina, who in actuality lives in Los Angeles, it is important to unveil the crisis permanently suffered by communities that resist to the violent effects of progress and modernization in their territories and cosmologies.
Carmen Argote, who also lives and works in Los Angeles, explore the intimate legacies of her Mexican original traditions and nationality, in contrast with the necessity of a constant creation of a new reality. The pieces from Carolina Caycedo called ‘Cosmotarrafas’, a series of hanging sculptures assembled with handmade fishing nets and other objects, collected during a field research in different riverine communities affected by the privatization of waters in Colombia and Brazil, can be read as the cosmos of the person she met and their stories of dispossession and resistance, operating as a connector between community involvement and studio practice.
On the other hand Carmen Argote´s artistic process has lead to a very personal investigation, using the process of inhabiting as a way to understand her own and her parent´s own immigrant experience as it relates to the interaction between sites in Guadalajara and Los Angeles and the notion of home.

Instituto de Visión
Karen Abreu
Omayra Alvarado
Beatriz López

Carrera 23 #76–74
111211 Bogotá

+57 1 322 6703

Shown at LISTE:

Carmen Argote, 1981, MX

Carolina Caycedo, 1978, GB