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For Liste 2017, Mary Mary presents a two person presentation with Milano Chow (b.1987, Los Angeles) and Erika Vogt (b.1973, Los Angeles).

Working solely in graphite on paper, Milano Chow's works linger on the frame. In Chow's drawings, frames are represented by ornate borders and architectural objects such as mantelpieces, windows and mirrors, establishing visual fields and frames within frames that emphasize the drawings’ construction. Influenced by the apparatus of movie
and theatre sets, particularly black-and-white film, the compositions use devices that manipulate and confuse perception. The works are occupied by figures borrowed from fashion magazines and catalogues, sources of staged photography that share the drawings’ heightened artifice.
Erika Vogt's practice makes a point of her ever shifting alliance to any one medium and is interested in having an experience with her work which is unknown and unexpected, moving between performance, film, drawing and sculpture. The work aims to be increasingly physical and endeavour to be numerous entities and experiences all at once. In recent work Vogt has drawn upon a recent collaborative performance work as part of the Artist Theater Program. The resulting objects are at once sculptural pieces and post-performance re-enactments with each given the name of a friend or fellow artist, some of whom participated in the theatre works.

Mary Mary
Hannah Robinson

Suite 2/1, 6 Dixon Street
Glasgow G1 4AX

Shown at LISTE:

Erika Vogt, 1973, US

Milano Chow , 1987, US