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So you made a bargain with that ferryman who transports substances and signs - he who deals in constant twilight: turning digits into plans, transposing networks onto tissue, grafting contexts, splicing slips of the tongue. A dissolving agent, forger, liar, patron of travelers - what better place to lay your trust?

Amitai Romm’s spatial and installation practice involves a range of media and expressions, mainly sculpture, image production and architectural intervention. The work is characterized by an exploration of communication and sign processes – the production, interpretation and drift of signs and codes. This on-going focus seeks to traverse or implode cultural, material and biological distinctions. The artist’s work departs from a clear conceptual starting point, which, during the process of working, is then challenged and distorted through a series of deliberate contingent and associative strategies.

Amitai Romm (b. 1985 in Jerusalem, lives and works in Copenhagen) studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Recent presentations of his work include a solo exhibition at the gallery in Copenhagen; Møen44, Askeby, (DK); Den Frie, Copenhagen; BUS Projects, Melbourne. This autumn he will have a solo exhibition at Tranen in Hellerup, (DK).

Bianca D'Alessandro
Bianca D'Alessandro

Frederiksholms Kanal 28A
1220 Kopenhagen

Shown at LISTE:

Amitai Romm, 1985, DK