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João Loureiro lives and works in São Paulo and his participation at Liste opens his representation by Sé gallery.

"In a broad sense, through a wide range of subjects and procedures, I’ve been interested in certain versions or fictional constructions that are presented as factual, acquiring the character of truth and often replacing original events or things. Even though historical narratives build up gradually with additions and interpretations, they usually present themselves as reliable facts. Aware of that, I’ve been researching objects, constructed situations and contexts, clearly artificial or concealed, loaded with signs, substitutions, translations, intentions of verisimilitude, deceptions, falsifications, repressed feelings and fantasies, artifices capable of inducing an impression of truth, of attributing a value of truth. My practice, therefore, evolves around the doubt, the distrust, the impossibility to fathom things accurately. I can either examine the way in which historical and fictional narratives shape themselves, identify organization modes of a particular system or group, or focus on material culture, the mundane and the ordinary, that I find capable of communicating some of the operational structures of society.

The process begins with researching an elected context and often involves a series of negotiations for its realization. In the end, it results in meticulously planned, straightforward and rather condensed images, objects and installations."

João Loureiro

Galeria Sé
Maria Montero Passos

Rua Roberto Simonsen 108, 01017020 São Paulo

+55 11 3107 7047

Shown at LISTE:

João Loureiro, BR