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Creating complex visible and invisible systems, as well as discrete objects Hayden Dunham investigates the exchange of information between the hard and soft architectures of building and body. Her works embody ideas of transformation and processes of facilitation, where objects are conditioned by and act on their own individual and autonomous agencies.

For LISTE, Dunham has designed an experiential installation of new kinetic sculptures and wall works comprised of malleable and ethereal materials – silicon, chlorophyll, glass, steam, sound, performance, vapor, light, porcelain, metal, silk and DD, a substance created by the artist that appears in liquid and breathing forms. When activated charcoal enters a body it absorbs toxic materials; when bentonite clay comes into contact with skin, it leaches heavy metals through pores. These processes are not visible but they are present. Likewise, Dunham’s work involves a sensitive formula that is both concealed and alive, as it ruptures and opens in on itself. 

Bi-products of a central system constructed by lines of a poem written by the artist, these pieces are part of a larger visual language that supports movement and emotional presence. Forms and structures communicate with one another, presenting at times as fragments where one is unsure if they are in the process of dismantling or uniting into a single unit. The result is an ecosystem of artworks that asks the viewer to examine their corporeal and cognitive relationships to their ever shifting environment.

Sophie Mörner
Elizabeth Lamb
Taylor Trabulus

88 Eldridge Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10002

+1 646 756 4547

Shown at LISTE:

Hayden Dunham, US