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Galerie Maria Bernheim in the context of LISTE 2019 is delighted to introduce a duo project by Swiss artist Miriam Laura Leonardi (b.1985) and American artist Juan Antonio Olivares (b.1988).

Juan Antonio Olivares presents a new series of drawings questioning the sight potential of the naked eye. Images coming from the Trappist telescope in Northern Chile are here to depict a black hole which is in itself only perceivable according to the movement of sunlight around it, sole indicator of its existence. The series "Fermi Paradox III” is a variation on a previous sound-sculpture made out of Mediterranean shells with a micro-speaker placed inside their cavities. This work is named after the physicist Enrico Fermi, who posed the question in 'paradox' format to his students to generate multiple responses in order to never collect one final answer.

Leonardi’s most recent production is rooted in historical research on the work of Marcel Duchamp and modernist sculpture.  Her new work "Tonsure Nuova" references Marcel Duchamp's shaved five-pointed star on the back of his head and Carol Rama's drawing "Tonsure (Omaggio a Marcel Duchamp)" which she transforms into sculpture, altering the original hairstyle into a hair accessory - shifting the subject over male gazing and misrepresentation of female artists in art history.  

The series "Made" consists in Basel-like, snow-globes souvenirs, in the shape of hearts and painted monochromatically to lie on their sides on slim pedestals. Leonardi ensures that it is impossible to see what is under the globe and that it remains hidden. The souvenirs only attest to the local presence of the artist, of the possible buyer as well as of the fair itself.

Maria Bernheim

Limmatstrasse 257
8005 Zürich

+41 79 700 79 28

Shown at LISTE:

Miriam Laura Leonardi, CH

Juan Antonio Olivares, US PR