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I think the work... relates back to psychological confusions, errors in logic, etc... related to the concept of the censor, or censorship in psychoanalysis. One of the ways to avoid the censor is through acts of conflation that may seem like a joke or nonsense but are really a sort of logical or illogical juxtaposition of concepts, nostalgic imagery (symbols), or objects (forms/gestures).

So conflated ideas evade the censor but then must be consciously decoded after the fact. In this way the work uses many familiar materials, concepts, images, and processes to recombine thoughts as a cipher, creating new hybrid symbols and iconography that, rather than establish an economical hierarchical space of communication and understanding, “de-fragmenting” the work subtly disorganizes idioms creating surplus spaces that challenge the maker and audience alike to imagine possibilities of reconciliation.

An example of “surplus ideational space (visual space)” is the Rorschach or similar conditions of incomplete or suggestive visual information that relies on the viewers’ imagination to complete the visual logic/ assignment of symbolic meaning. This is why I’ve often thought of my work as passive aggressive, both hiding/camouflaging, and loud/bold, asking for the intellectual and imaginative help of the other in its social function.

It’s funny that the title Garbage In Garbage Out is originally a computing term analyzing input and output relations, but it has been co-opted (falsely) by health and active lifestyle culture as an axiom similar to No Pain No Gain, to relate to the organic body and consumption, or work/result.

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