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Gina Folly ( b.1983 in Zurich, lives and works in Basel ) studied at the ZHdK in Zurich.
Folly’s work investigates the effects of economic, political,cultural and social changes on the everyday realities, habits, and self-conception of the individual. She subjects objects and symbols to minimal contextual shifts and critically thematizes the promises that our striving for greater productivity and naturalness in an increasingly technologized environment holds out. The domestication and imitation of natural phenomena play an important role for Folly. As a result, everyday objects and situations as well as fauna and flora occur repeatedly in her works as motifs or material and looking for a confrontation between humans and their private and public surrounding. These relations and exchanges are emphasized in the way Folly uses, alters and mixes industrial production processes with artisanal or even homemade techniques.

Bleta Jahaj ( b.1981 in Prishtina, lives and works in Zurich ) studied at Central Saint Martins, UK and ZHdK in Zurich.
The main interest of Bleta is the physical body. The body as a static and the body in movement. The physical body as sculpture, as dummy, projection, imprint and mould. Body and bodily memories and the psychological idea thereof. Bleta’s paintings create a juxtaposition of different body movements: the gentle, almost fragile movement of her wrist when polishing the nails and the broad, more industrious movements of her entire body when painting with a bigger brush. These two different processes are seen by the artist as embodiments respectively of female and male traits, and are placed together in both contrast and composition, the friction between the two elements resonating within the works.

Ermes - Ermes
Ilaria Leoni

Linke Wienzeile 36/1C
1060 Vienna

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Shown at LISTE:

Bleta Jahaj, 1981, XK

Gina Folly, 1983, CH