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Κουτσομπολιά: Γλωσσοφαγιά

Koutsombolia: Glossofagia

that I couldn't see the forest for the trees, was all about me,
that I couldn't see.
The forest was dark and crowded with trees and they were all screaming at me
the forest was dark and damp and the shadows lept and the branches crept
and they were all directed at me.

then one day i looked, in the middle of it all and there,
there wasn't even a tree

the branches i saw didn't care at all and the roots had dried, there was nothing inside
and there was barely anything left of me

the waters had died all caresses subsided, no more voices lied
no more i spied

Koutsombolia i stumbled and fell
Glossofagia and ate my own tongue
Blue eyes turn black, its safer like that

and somehow, I’d broken the spell.

-Zoë Paul

The Breeder
Stathis Panagoulis
George Vamvakidis
Nadia Gerazouni

45 Iasonos st.
10436, Athens

Shown at LISTE:

Zoe Paul, 1987, GB