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Kris Lemsalu’s mixed-media sculptures, installations and performances evoke the bestial side of human beings and civilizations, often underscored by feminist themes. Her amalgamate sculptures explore life, death and time with a sense of irony and absurdity that playfully disrupts familiar visual languages and suggest the possibility of overcoming a system of oppression from within. Juxtaposing delicate ceramic and porcelain with bold colours and synthetic fabrics, Lemsalu’s practice is at once seductive, repulsive and socially critical. 

Kris Lemsalu lives and works in Tallinn. Following recent solo exhibitions at Goldsmith’s CCA, London; Secession, Vienna and Tramway, Glasgow she is currently representing Estonia in the 2019 Venice Biennale.

Michael Fullerton uses painting, printmaking, film and sculpture to address information and misinformation within systems of power. His paintings often portray controversial characters from mass media: famous journalists and radio broadcasters, spies and human intelligence gatherers, politically engaged celebrities, wrongfully convicted prisoners, scandalous politicians and internet icons. Fullerton implements portraiture as a vehicle to set the strong ideological convictions and complex trajectories of his subjects alongside one another, thereby destabilising the ideological and regulative belief systems they are representative of. 

Michael Fullerton lives and works in Glasgow. Recent solo exhibitions include Tales from the Anglosphere at Koppe Astner, Glasgow; Seminal Event at Queen’s Park Railway Club, Glasgow and Prussian Blue at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. 

Koppe Astner
Kendall Koppe, Emma Astner

36–38 Coburg Street
Glasgow G5 9JF

+44 141 248 8177

Shown at LISTE:

Kris Lemsalu, EE

Michael Fullerton, GB