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Through the feedback loop of consumerist culture Anna Uddenberg investigates how body culture, spirituality, and self-staging are intertwined with the mediation and production of subjectivity by new technologies and forms of circulation.
Her practice is a space for reflecting on taste/class, appropriation, and sexuality, which integrates earlier approaches to gender theory while pushing these questions into new and intensively material territories. Transit Mode – Abenteuer explores performativity as an act that has been rehearsed, much like a script that people—as actors who make such as script a reality through repetition—come to perform in the mode of belief.

In the 90s, Antek Walczak used to be mainly a video artist. In 1994 he co-founded the collective Bernadette Corporation with John Kelsey and Bernadette van Huy. Walczak has mainly exhibited paintings and silkscreens on distinct metals and materials, which address the influence of information, technology and cybernetics on art and personal freedom. One of the main concerns or approaches with his paintings is the question of how to examine objects, thoughts, or moods that populate our day-to-day contemporary consciousness and attempt to reframe them from a distance that might encompass centuries while addressing phenomena that are fundamental to the human experience. In recent years, Walczak has also written incisive texts on art, economics and aesthetics, which are concerned with the primary conditions of cognition.

House of Gaga
Fernando Mesta
José Rojas

Amsterdam 123
06100 Mexico City

Shown at LISTE:

Anna Uddenberg, 1982, SE

Antek Walczak, 1968, US