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Hun Kyu Kim

Born in South Korea. Lives and works in Seoul and London. 

Exhibitions include: High Art, Paris, France (forthcoming 2019); Hun Kyu Kim / Sven Johne, E-Werk Freiberg, Freiberg (forthcoming 2019); Eight Universes and The Machine, The Approach, London, UK (2018); Under the See, Crypt Gallery, London (2017); and The birth of nation, Hockney Gallery, London (2016).


Max Hooper Schneider

Born in Los Angeles, USA. Lives and works in Santa Fe and Los Angeles, USA.

Exhibitions include: Max Hooper Schneider, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (forthcoming 2019); 16th Istanbul Biennial (forthcoming 2019); Tryouts For The Human Race, Jenny’s, Los Angeles, USA (2018); 13th Baltic Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania (2018); Aros Triennial : The Garden, End of Times Beginning of Times, Aros Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark (2017); Mutations, High Line, New York, USA (2017) ; The New Normal : China, Art, and 2017, Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts (UCCA), Beijing, China (2017).

High Art
Romain Chenais
Jason Hwang
Philippe Joppin

1 rue Fromentin
75009 Paris

+33 6 52 03 35 15

Shown at LISTE:

Max Hooper Schneider, US

Hun Kyu Kim, KR