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Sebastian Jefford’s practice encompasses sculpture, video and writing.

The activity of reconstruction or reenactment is a precarious escape vehicle from the present – while conventionally used as a means to glean knowledge and intimacy with the past, Jefford is more concerned with the potential for fiction, misinterpretation and red herrings. Activity is fictionalised, desire is literalised, and physicality plasticised until the seduction of a mouldy veneer encompasses the whole of the ‘world’.

For Liste 2019, Jefford is presenting bulbous tablets, whose surfaces are engraved with representations of randomly assembled depictions of an impending ecological collapse.

Jefford’s work deals with notions of clutter and debris, physical, political and psychological, and what humanity will leave behind and how it will be interpreted in the future. These swollen tableaux are snapshots of anachronistic protagonists, a flawed hero, isolated from a logical notion of narrative and time.

Progress in archaeology means constantly fragmenting and reassembling artefacts from different stretches of time. Jefford’s mute objects become co-opted into a confusion of individual and collective identities and narratives. Histories are built into time, and events are stretched, compressed, and snubbed to fit the needs of the day, in a world that composes and recomposes itself constantly in an endless process of dissatisfaction.

Gianni Manhattan
Laura Windhager

Wassergasse 14
1030 Vienna

+43 660 296 22 88

Shown at LISTE:

Sebastian Jefford, GB