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Noah Barker implements a distantiated logic in relation context and intention. The supplement and echo are recurring motifs that articulate re-arrival or deferral to prior projects of his own and others. These are often enmeshed within the architectural vernacular of display while the structural conditions of production get narrativized. Recent emphasis has been given to the oeuvre of Sicilian screenwriter Franco Solinas, the reorganization of Eisenhower's West Wing, and the Prussian failures at the Battle of Ulm.

Emanuele Marcuccio was born in Veneto to a family of Apulian landowners, giving life to an accent that preserves the worst aspects of both inflections. The industrial traditions of the north-east accustomed him – from an early age – to the prospect of an entrepreneurial life, but it was the circumstances of life that led him to deal with art. In an attempt to remedy the nostalgia of a more productive world, his art often relies on local iron and steel industries, with which he shares the same formal priorities: desire for efficiency and hard work. The war to the formal approximation is the aspect that most characterizes Marcuccio's practice, despite that, the human tragedy of production as a perpetration transpires in each of his pieces making it profoundly human.

Diego Salvador Rios deals with the realities of production from an existential but also a material perspective. Drawing, writing, found objects and the influence of his intimate surroundings are part of his practice. For Liste 2019 a dedicated selection of materials from his Proyecto Altavista archives will be on view. The work will manifest the activities that took place between 2015-16. These materials were gathered over the last few years as part of a Praxis Laboratory, and seek to connect political and educational struggles in Latin America with worldwide libertarian educational initiatives and contemporary activist debates.

Francisco Cordero-Oceguera

Edificio Humboldt
116 Calle del Artículo 123
Int. 301, Centro
06040 Mexico City

+52 55 2121 0045

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