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The consultation

 1: So Just a few quick questions and then we’ll get to the, uh, physical examination. Average exercise taken in a week?

 2: I scoot, I ride a scooter, my son’s. Passed away last year, £12,528 in rehab fees I’ll never get back. You know they don’t issue refunds if it doesn’t work out? Yes I try to scoot everywhere though overweight pedestrians make a smooth and satisfying journey very difficult. I never scoot on Wednesdays mind you, it’s bad luck

 1: And caffeine, are you a coffee drinker?

 2: I like coffee very much yes, though it often provokes rash decision making, I find myself booking tables at restaurants in cities I’ve no plans to visit and emailing them dietary requirements I don’t have when in actuality I eat all things except those flowers you sometimes get on salads nowadays. Do you wish to get a coffee now?

 1: We should probably finish the rest of the consultation, and then I have a number of other appointments-

 2: - sorry yes of course I was just overcome with the urge to sit with you in a multinational coffeehouse. You’ll be relieved to learn the urge is now gone as I just dealt with it through meditation, I’m extraordinarily quick

 1: Uh, so when was your last menstrual period?

 2: December, no memory of date exactly, just a sudden hankering for my husband’s violent death. You must know what I mean, hell, if we all acted on our PMT there’d be no men left!

 1: And are the, uh, periods usually quite regular?

 2: Only abroad

 1: And the weight has been up and down these last few years I can see from your notes…

 2: Yes, anorexia nervosa as a teen. Aspects have stuck around, the rules, the weird breasts. You know I thought I was saving my parents money by refusing my supper, to this day I haven’t had so much as a thank you from their accountant. But I survived, of course, I always do. I actually had to throw away my “I Survived Anorexia” shirt because it became rather tight, I just wear a normal shirt now

Vanessa Carlos

Unit 4, 88 Mile End Road
London E1 4UN
United Kingdom

Shown at LISTE:

Stuart Middleton, 1987, GB

Issy Wood, 1993, US

Korakrit Arunanondchai, 1986, TH