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Sandwich is coming to LISTE with fresh energy and an understanding of what it takes to continue and thrive as a small artist-run gallery in a not-so-central art spot.

When we opened in 2016 as an artist-run space, we started to read the art world and find our honest standpoint within its complicated nets. We knew the particularities of our space – rather an anti-space or an experiment by Gordon Matta-Clark – the pros and cons of it, the rich potential it has in the hands of the right artists. Sandwich will always be a somewhat peculiar project space, but it can become so much more autonomous and brave.

We found the same thoughts and challenges with our Chinese colleagues from C5 Art in Beijing, a group that boldly steps up the game in the Chinese art-world, with their incessant and genuine love for the experimental spirit of art. Sandwich is dedicating 2019 to celebrating this fresh and hopefully enduring friendship through a series of events and exhibitions in our Bucharest space, along with various international joint participations.

At LISTE, we are showing two of the founders of Sandwich and one spectacular Chinese artist whose work is transgressing the booth space.

The three artists work in very different ways. However, we selected an element suggestive of a survival kit from each: the possibility to rocket-launch animals into space as a last resort for continuation of species (Răduță), the humanizing of Ikea-designed storage boxes (Pălimariu) or a portrait of apathy as ultimate resource (Ningning). Whichever of these solutions we choose to apply, one thing we know for sure: Sandwich will break through.

Silviu Lixandru
Alexandru Niculescu
Daniela Palimariu
Cristian Raduta

Strada Băiculești 29
024078 Bucharest

Shown at LISTE:

Jin Ningning, CN

Daniela Pălimariu, RO

Cristian Răduță, RO