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In his extensive work cycles that can span several years, Florian Germann (CH, 1978, lives and works in Zurich) unfolds reticular experimental arrangements based in real and fictionalized narratives melding historical events, scientific data and tropes originating from popular culture or art history. Crucial to Germann’s investigative installations and sculptural recording systems, which evolve around the physical, psychological but also mythological characteristics of certain materials, is the energetic activation through the artist himself, initiating the procedural transformation processes. It is the traces of this immediate contact between the different bodies and energies, which visibly inscribe the material and shape them over time.

The work of Nicolas Party (CH, 1980, lives and works in New York and Brussels) considers imagery not as rhetorical, but essentially aesthetic or pictorial. In his paintings, murals, watercolors, pencil or charcoal drawings, marble works and painted sculptures, Party works with a figurative, though reduced vocabulary, often revealing geometric forms at the base of all things. As such, these almost generic subjects often disclose less about themselves than about the medium in which they are represented. As is apparent in his marble still lifes or site-specific murals, Party humorously expands the possibilities of traditionally decorative techniques, while precisely considering their situational context.

Lucy Stein (UK, 1979, lives and works in Cornwall) is a painter exploring a gendered extrapolation of the historicity of the medium engaging with feminist theory and addressing masculine tropes with exceptional wit. In the last few years, Stein has built a body of work that draws heavily from alternative narratives and creates personal and specific cultural, often geographically determined mythologies relating to ideas of genius loci and rooted in esoteric symbolism, Celtic paganism or witchcraft as well as British modernist painting.

Gregor Staiger

Limmatstrasse 268
8005 Zurich

+41 44 491 39 00

Shown at LISTE:

Florian Germann, 1978, CH

Lucy Stein, 1979, GB

Nicolas Party, 1980, CH