Special guest programmes

Every year, Liste Art Fair Basel invites institutions, magazines, initiatives and artist projects to present special programmes within the context of the fair. This cutting-edge approach expands Liste's mission to highlight the latest developments in contemporary art. 

HEK (House of Electronic Arts)

Located in Basel, HEK (House of Electronic Arts) is a museum dedicated to digital culture and new art forms of the information age.

This year HEK presents as Liste's special guest a site-specific installation by Eva Papamargariti. The work by the Greek artist defies classification, and not only ranges between different genres but also blends them together. Her creations may appear to be both figurative and abstract, organic and inorganic, or they seem to depict both landscapes and uncanny creatures suspended in a state of limbo. Using 3D modelling and animation software, such as 3D Studio Max or After Effects, and game engines such as Unreal, Papamargariti builds bridges between her virtual universes and the installations that extend into the real world.

Eva Papamargariti is an artist based between London and Athens. She has exhibited her work in institutions, museums and festivals such as the New Museum (New York), Whitney Museum (New York), Tate Britain (London), MAAT Museum (Lisbon), Museum of Moving Image (New York), MoMA PS1 (New York), Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (Montreal), Athens Biennale (Athens), Thessaloniki Biennale (Thessaloniki), Transmediale Festival (Berlin).


Eva Papamargariti, Untether (Exhaustion/Excess), 2022, Dimensions Variable, Mixed Media Installation
Eva Papamargariti, Untether (Exhaustion/Excess), 2022, Dimensions Variable, Mixed Media Installation

I Never Read, Bookshop

I Never Read, is a platform for artistic perspectives that takes on many forms to stimulate a democratic and liberal discourse in our society. At Liste Art Fair Basel, I Never Read, Bookshop shares with the public a selection of art and artists' books some of them also connected to the participating galleries.

As an art book fair from 15 – 18 June 2022 at Kaserne, I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel brings together national and international publishers, artists, writers and designers who choose the book as a tool for their art production and creates a place for discovery, exchange and hospitality. I Never Read, OOO is the name of a newly launched digital magazine that accompanies the various activities throughout the year.


Photo: Moritz Schermbach
Photo: Moritz Schermbach

Lucky Barn

"Neeiiighhhh... stop by the Lucky Barn, drink us dry, refuel and refresh." 

A bar(n) dreamed up, planned and run by the artists Jeronim Horvat, Maya Hottarek and Lukas Stäuble with drinks, a video programme and a cell phone charging station.

In Jeronim's dream, Maya exhibited a sculpture that looked like a horse shelter, but made of plastic and on the back wall of the shelter was a big screen installed showing slow-motion videos of horses galloping in the wild. The director of Liste, Joanna Kamm, found the sketch of this dream sculpture very suitable for an artists' bar.

This dream becomes reality and you can be part of the Lucky Barn during the fair. It will be open daily at the entrance to Liste Art Fair Basel. In addition to a curated video program, there will be a selection of soft drinks and refreshments and – of course – charging stations for all phones!

Jeronim Horvat, born in Berlin, lives and works in Basel as an artist.

Maya Hottarek, born in Chironico, lives and works in Biel/Bienne as an artist. 

Lukas Stäuble, born in Basel, lives and works in Basel as an artist and sound designer.


Pejman Foundation

Pejman Foundation presents works by Neda Saeedi, and collaborative duo, Jason Mohaghegh & Asad Khan. 

Saeedi’s artistic research and practice revolves around the theme of land, construction, reconstruction and deconstruction of places and buildings and spaces. The formal and aesthetic focus of her ongoing exploration of these themes is the relationship between human beings and architecture and environment : the value, materiality, power and property of the body (human and nonhuman) in relation to urban and development projects. For Saeedi, the consequences of modernization and industrialization on the environment are examined and translated into formal/sculptural form. 

Mohaghegh and Khan’s work is a technological exercise in speculative fascination of worlds that might never exist. "House of Second Wisdom" is the architecture for a hypothetical library, a multi-modal confrontation with an ambient universe, all in the face of a self-lacerating planet. For when all abodes of wisdom are incinerated, all that remains are the ashes of certain thought gestures, sonic murmurings, and data-embers to construct the walls of a colossal immersive future library that drifts between materiality and immateriality. Together, Mohaghegh and Khan explore an age of great disquiet, a world on the verge of threatened inexistence, and the politics & philosophy of end-of-world-ism. 

Pejman Foundation is a Tehran-based nonprofit organization that oversees a first-of-its-kind contemporary art museum (Argo Factory), a residency program (Kandovan), and a wide range of arts programming including ongoing exhibitions, publications, and educational initiatives.


Mohaghegh-Khan_House of Second Wisdom (Extract).png

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