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The Cascade Condenser
presents PANCH and Artina

Performance, production and product will be addressed with the invitation to PANCH, the young performance art network Switzerland, and with Artina & Friends. Performance can be experienced, activated, invited and purchased, and we are happy to reflect the performance density in Switzerland.

PANCH is an interest group and association for performance artist, connects the performance landscape, invites you to take up burning issues and also goes into the performative examination of performance products at the fair.
The hostess Artina accompanies us through the trade fair jungle and welcomes and interviews key players on the Talk Sofa who tell us something about the current performance hype and scenes, production and market.

Kaskadenkondensator: Chris Regn

Burgweg 7
4058 Basel


Shown at LISTE:
Artina reborn, 19XX, CH ZA
PANCH since, 2014, CH