Application first-time exhibitor Liste Art Fair Basel 2024

Submission deadline: 6 December 2023

Please download the application materials below, read them carefully and prepare all required documents before you fill out the web form. All application documents must be submitted in English.

Web form, first-time exhibitor

Please note that you have 60 minutes to submit the web form before the page automatically refreshes.

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last name, first name
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example: +41 61 692 20 21

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Application fee

Bank information for wire transfer: Gutzwiller & Cie. Banquiers, Kaufhausgasse 7, CH-4051 Basel; Account No: 75244/01; Clearing No: 8775; BIC (Swift): GUTZCHBB; IBAN: CH17 0877 5075 2440 1010 0; Account holder: Stiftung Liste Basel, Kaufhausgasse 12, CH-4051 Basel
Please choose an online storage system (e.g. Dropbox with public access, Google Drive with download access for listeartfairbasel[at], upload your files and include the URL to access them in the field above. It is mandatory to upload 5 separate PDFs, named using the following templates: galleryname_application.pdf / galleryname_artists.pdf / galleryname_information.pdf / galleryname_stand.pdf / galleryname_payment.pdf

PDF guidelines

Application form:
Please upload the completed form. 
Max. 2 MB, only upload PDF file.

Artists of the gallery:
Complete documentation with CVs and images of all artists (3 images per artist,  max. resolution 72 dpi, max. 50 pages). 
Max. 20 MB, only upload PDF file.

Gallery information:
List of exhibitions at the gallery and fair participations from the last 3 years, if applicable. 
Max. 2 MB, only upload PDF file.

Stand presentation with sketch:
Visual documentation of proposed artist(s) with mandatory stand sketch (max. resolution 72 dpi). 
Max. 10 MB, only upload PDF file.

Payment confirmation:
Max. 2 MB, only upload PDF file.


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