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Darya Koltsova

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mountaincutters is an artist duo whose practice inquires into the nature–technology binomial through hybrid concepts situated between geology, landscape and gesture. Creating mainly site-specific and site-sensitive installations, their work echoes a seemingly theatrical and obsolete landscape. Materials such as steel, ceramic, glass, found objects, debris and rotten textile coagulate imperfect shapes, absent bodies, and organic prostheses. Permeating an Arte Povera drift, the sculptures embody the dissolution of the matter as it occurs in the current object–capital logic. 
Darya Koltsova is a Ukrainian artist and researcher. Her art practice includes installation and installation-research, performance, video, interactive work, sculpture, and graphics, highlighting social and psychological aspects of human interaction. Always balancing between the personal and the social, she focuses on contradictions that open up dialogues on current urgent problems in society, creating new aesthetic codes of collective consciousness. 

Suzana Vasilescu
Cristina Vasilescu

Mantuleasa street 22
023962 Bucharest

+40 735 032 909

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