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For LISTE 2018, Marrin debuts two new concurrent bodies of works, both featuring paintings of hanging cages and medicinal herbs that continue her interest in the sculptural and material awareness in painting. In her “Gibbet” paintings – shaped canvases scaled roughly to a human body – Marrin depicts medieval cages and torture devices used to suspend prisoners and the condemned. These paintings – which look to the work of Francis Bacon, Lee Bontecou, and Birgit Juergenssen – feature medicinal herbs, used traditionally to treat mental ailments (anxiety, depression, malaise), growing behind and entwined with the iron bars of the sinister human-shaped cages. The artist’s “Bird cage” paintings likewise depict symbolic birds and medicinal herbs in shaped gilded bird cages, ornate and imbued with a dark sense of the poetic baroque.

Accompanying these works will be a monumental and meticulously rendered painting of the enormous, bizarre Amorphophallus titanum, or corpse flower, which is displayed in botanical gardens throughout the world and renowned for its pungent, death-like odor and fleeting lifespan (they take ten years to bloom and die after three days). Paintings from this series and others made for LISTE are all stretched over Styrofoam rather than traditional stretcher bars, and deploy a meticulous photorealist technique, announcing a sophisticated painterly practice and an implicitly surrealist vision of macabre beauty and a layered, symbolic dance of life and death.

Marrin’s solo gallery debut, “Corps” at David Lewis, opened to great acclaim in 2017. She has exhibited internationally at WIELS Contemporary Art Center, Brussels (with Elif Erkan); Svetlana, NY (with Nora Schultz); Renwick Gallery, NY (with Tyler Dobson); Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin; Office Baroque, Brussels; Mitchell Algus Gallery, NY; Bortolami Gallery, NY; Bureau, NY; Foxy Production, NY; and Rivington Arms, NY; among others. Marrin received her BFA from School of Visual Arts, NY, and lives and works in New York, NY.

David Lewis
Dmitry Komis

88 Eldrige, 5th Floor
New York, NY-10002

+1 212 966 7990

Shown at LISTE:

Megan Marrin, 1982, US