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Elena Narbutaitė (Vilnius, 1984) subtly brings light to the audience, illuminating those things that remain in the obscurity, capturing this precise glimpse which makes the invisible visible. Her delicate promenade through every project is gifted with a sense of reality which filters her diverse interests, whether these be in science or literature, allowing her to translate or to reinterpret the object of her study into other drifts that converge in new strategies of her speculative research.

Like a night walker who explores and feels the world with fresh and new eyes, like a character from a Thomas Mann novel with her mind open and reflective, Elena Narbutaitė seems to belong to a more literary universe, where she invites you to enter through unexpected projects that make your earthly experience different and lighter.

Francisco Salas

Pablo Morillo 8 Bajo
36201 Vigo

+34 986 434333

Shown at LISTE:

Elena Narbutaitė, 1984, LT