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Buck Ellison
The Los Angeles based artist Buck Ellison creates pictures that capture a seemingly banal moment and give the impression of documentary photographs akin to Tina Barney’s snpashots of her WASP family and friends.
However, Buck Ellison’s pictures are meticulously staged images: he employs actors and uses Hollywood’s film studio locations to create pictures that slowly disclose a gnawing sense of malaise as they reproduce the customs and habits of a certain segment of the United States’ white upper-middle class. The viewers who are able to decipher the cultural signifiers cannot help but become aware of their own embroilement in this world.

Buck Ellison (born 1987), lives and works in Los Angeles. He graduated in 2014 from Frankfurt’s Stadelschule, where he did a master with Willem de Rooij. He took his B.A. in German Literature from Columbia in 2010. Recently his work was subject to a solo exhibition at Balice Hertling in Paris (2016). He also participated to many group shows such as “Golden State” (curated by Drew Sawyer), Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA (2017) and “The Sun Placed In The Abyss”, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus (2016).
His work was recently subject to articles in various publications, such as Artforum, Mousse, Monopol, Flash Art, Double, Osmos and Pop magazine amongst others.

Balice Hertling
Daniele Balice
Alexander Hertling

239 rue Saint-Martin
75003 Paris

Project space Belleville
47 rue Ramponeau
75020 Paris

+33 (0)1 43 48 15 68

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Buck Ellison, 1987, US