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Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann’s (Born 1980, Paris, France. Lives and works in Paris.) artistic works revolve around the notion of para-architecture. Her research is situated at the intersection of several fields including domesticity, psychology and feminism. Her practice is centred around the concept of design and its history as a social and political expression. She works with installation, sculpture and performance, as well as with photography and graphic design. The references and the materials she uses testify to her propensity for a modernist aesthetic, without this ever becoming the subject of her work. Supported by a reflection on narrative forms, the relationship between analogies and macrostructures, her work functions as a succession of apparitions and reminiscences. Through it, she tackles questions essential to our epoch, in order to encourage emancipation and the appearance of new ways of thinking.

Mia Marfurt's (Born 1985, Zürich, Switzerland. Lives and works in Zürich) artwork is concerned with spacial displacement. Many of her pieces evoke drawing even if her artworks have parted the realm of drawing. If the line was a starting point it has been extruded, expanded and formulated into a physicality that has less to do with mark making and more to do with physics. This voluminosity brings her to sculpture. Materiality and form are considered in precise and highly refined processes throughout all of Marfurt's works. Structure, surface and texture are exquisitely resolved to make each piece function in seductive and elegantly efficient ways. Lines solidify as cylinders, flat becomes round and printed images reproduce form as Marfurt reconfigures physics. The extrusion of line into form demands our bodies to consider the space outside and around the object as our eyes gaze upon the object itself. Considering the beauty and the integrity of the objects themselves Marfurt inflicts a uncanny and revelatory deflection.

Joseph Allen
Mel O'Callaghan

59 Rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris

+33 1 45 26 82 33