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In the works presented at Liste “Julian-Jakob Kneer explores the intersections of love and death and the gamifications of the human condition. (…) Kneer reflects on the performative act of self-killing as an act of love and scrutinizes the psychological underpinnings and pop-cultural depictions of romantic suicide. 

The narcissistic drive of self-immortalizing martyrdom is explored through placeholder archetypes that present the subject as both culprit and victim, agent and voyeur, lover and loser. Addressing the subjects only in reference, the works grapple with vanity, loneliness and the burden and promise of mortality and immortality.” – Nele Ruckelshausen 

More generally in his artistic practice, Kneer investigates the contingency of inherited sociocultural symbol and allocation systems. Central to his work is the examination of the subconscious, ‘abnormal’ or ‘pathological’ deviances as judged from a bourgeois-normative perspective. This includes artefacts and phenomena depicted in everyday and popular culture, commonly situated beyond ‘good taste’ and between kitsch and camp. Ambivalence is an important keyword to his practice as it forms irritating syntheses of ‘high’ and ‘low’ cultural references, tradition and presence, forcing unprejudiced juxtapositions of seemingly opposite aesthetics, and evoking coincidental feelings of desire and repulsion.

Paul Makowsky

Glockengasse 21
1020 Wien