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Capsule Shanghai features a solo booth by Chinese artist Feng Chen (b.1986, China). Feng Chen creates videos, sculptures and hypnotic installations that investigate the synchronization between visuals and audio, inserting a wedge between different signals and leading us to question which of our senses we should ultimately trust. In his work, perception and reality interact with each other in labyrinthine ways reclaiming that experience is the most essential and authentic part of existence and the ultimate nature of reality.

At the 2020 edition of Liste, Feng Chen transforms the space into an immersive, site-specific installation that addresses the relationship between man and machine; leading viewers to further question the role their senses have in building an illusion of reality.

The experimental installation consists of various mechanized operations that explore interactions among image, sound, and space. Digital monitors of various sizes are placed throughout the room displaying images of body parts pulsating rhythmically to synchronized noises such as sounds from nature, a slap, or electronic responses. At times, the audio desynchronizes with the visual imagery in small, noticeable degrees.

The windows are distorted by automated flickering blinds reacting to sounds and creating a visual representation of the audio feedback allowing viewers to have synesthetic responses to the audio-visual stimuli. The sound triggers sporadic movements in the automated window blinds causing light to concurrently flash and diminish throughout the room. As a result, an incessant loop is created between sound, movement, and image.

The room becomes a sensory spectacle of unnatural visual, audio, and physical relationships that viewers interact with on a sensory and bodily level. Although initially eerie, the installation calmly overloads a viewer’s senses; creating a slow read of the work to understand the numerous relationships implied.

Capsule, Shanghai
Enrico Polato

Xuhui District, Anfulu 275 Nong Building 16 Floor 1
200031 Shanghai

+86 021 64170700