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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel und auf Liste Showtime Online:
Omar Fakhoury 
Stéphanie Saadé

Präsentiert auf Liste Showtime Online:
Omar Fakhoury 


For Liste 2022, we are happy to apply with a duo presentation by Omar Fakhoury and Stéphanie Saadé. This presentation highlights the way two artists with totally different practices work with various objects of their surroundings. Omar Fakhoury paints objects in their current state while Stéphanie Saadé reinterprets them according to her own narrative. In this particular series, Omar Fakhoury paints fragments of objects found while he was moving houses. Through them, the artist narrates his personal story, a sort of autobiography. These paintings can also be evocative of the viewer’s personal stories, and memories from their past. Stéphanie Saadé reinterprets objects through her personal experience. These reinterpretations share a preoccupation with questions of memory, remembrance and the reconstruction of lived experience. It is through a poetic intimacy, sensibility and absence that Stéphanie Saadé creates artifacts from personal narratives, objects and stories. For both artists Fakhoury and Saadé, the ordinary objects produce images and become metaphors of the individual and invisible sum of lived experience.

Joumana Asseily

Door Nb 25 Main Street Port District
11-4496 Beirut

+961 1 571 636

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