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Satoshi Kojima and Lynn Hershman Leeson present figures engaged in dynamics internal to their artworks, yet estranged from the audience. Kojima’s new oil paintings depict a reappearing cast of characters in a pastel-hued landscape, setting the stage for Hershman Leeson’s characters in mixed media collages, paintings and drawings dating from 1958 to 1986. Stilted mechanical humans fill Lynn Hershman Leeson’s drawings, acting as early adapters to bionic and artificial intelligence. Leeson’s works on paper depict women as early manifestations of cyborgs with mechanical organs, prefiguring her ongoing technological constructions of the last three decades. Kojima, while born in Tokyo, resides in Dusseldorf. Streets and intersections of the metropolitan German layout structure his paintings, and the disjuncture between German and Japanese language feeds back into this painted world of posed characters who speak in a closed-circuit communication. A dialogue emerges from domestic interactions staged in the future within depicted surroundings unfamiliar to our world, however populated with recognizable objects of our contemporary environment.

Bridget Donahue

99 Bowery, Floor 2
New York, NY 10002

+1 646 896 1368

Shown at LISTE:

Satoshi Kojima, 1979, JP

Lynn Hershman Leeson, 1941, US