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Ariamna Contino (Havana, 1984) uses a very ritual and meticulous technique to develope her works: the hand cut paper technique. Such delicate way of building her pieces contrasts with the themes she usually recreates. Ariamna is very interested in the current history of Cuba and of the rest of the world, that’s why she turns her attention to the ongoing conflicts and phenomena that need to be disassembled and investigated.

Alex Hernández (Havana, 1982) is a multidisciplinary creator whose work is part of the investigative and procedural tradition within art. His pieces emerge as result of the careful dismantling of phenomena and processes that attract his attention, and in which he engages in unusual ways. His themes range from the study of history to issues associated with the environment, collective imagery and cultural practices in different geographical settings.

El Apartamento
Christian Gundin
Lida Sigas

Calle H esq. a 15, #313, Apt. 3, Vedado
10400 Havana

+537 835 6019