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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel:
Gonçalo Preto 
Jaime Welsh

Präsentiert auf Liste Showtime Online:
Jaime Welsh


What immediately strikes from Gonçalo Preto’s (b.1991, Lisbon) artworks is how his sophisticated pictorial technique is applied to the creation of tense atmospheres, as part of disconnected narratives that compose the visual world of the artist. Recently his interest lies in the representing dim environments, focusing on the portrayal of different light sources and on how the observer's eye adapts to the darkness, playing with our vision and its reaction to light, focus, proximity or abstraction. Jaime Welsh’s (b. 1994, Lisbon) photographs often depict figures in architectural spaces, in a highly constructed scenario. Through a heavy manipulation of the photographs, Welsh focuses on the relationships between humans and the interior spaces. Using reflections, glass and the focus on vanishing points of the rooms where he photographs, the artist creates tense situations, exacerbating the discomfort and anxiety of those portrayed.


Matteo Consonni

Rua do Machadinho 45
1200-705 Lisbon

+351 213 901 699

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