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Galeria Jaqueline Martins is a space for research, documentation and presentation of contemporary artistic production. It proposes collaborative curatorial strategies that foster dialogue between different generations and different cultural perspectives. One of its guiding principles is the encouragement of research-oriented conceptualist practices characterized by critical, even subversive, approaches.

Adriano Amaral
Has pursued a body of work based on his interest in matter, surface, fragility and process. All these issues are manifested in site specific installations where anthropomorphic qualities and time perception are tangled and manifested in ambiguous forms. Throughout his latest production, his work is marked by an in-depth examination into the nature of things that surround us. The human body as a closed and simultaneously porous entity, our perceptions of architectural space, and the value of everyday objects form the basis of his artistic enquiry.

Charbel-joseph H. Boutros
In his work invisibility is charged with intimate, geographical and historical layers; finding poetic lines that extend beyond the realm of existing speculations and realities. Being born in the middle of the Lebanese war, his art is not engaged in an explicit political and historical reflection, but is more accurately haunted by the said political and historical reflection.

Riccardo Baruzzi
Baruzzi’s activity takes on different, interchangeable forms: painting, drawing, but also performances or installations, often overlapping challenge the univocal character of the art object. He has always accompanied his visual practice with research on sound, exploiting the physical structure of turntables and fabricating objects as instrument / works he uses in his performances to establish gestural and semantic affinities between drawing and rhythmical-musical composition, giving rise to a creative process of reciprocal aural and visual influences.

Jaqueline Martins

Rua Dr. Cesário Mota Júnior, 443 - Vila Buarque
01221-020 São Paulo

+55 11 2628 1943

Shown at LISTE:

Charbel-joseph H. Boutros, 1981, FR LB

Riccardo Baruzzi, 1976, IT

Adriano Amaral, 1982, BR