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“I gold key you / I extraordinary you / you paroxysm me / you paroxysm / and paradox me / I harpsichord you / you silently me / you mirror me / I wristwatch you / you mirage me / you oasis me / you bird me / you insect me / you cataract me / I lunar you / you cumulus me / you high tide me / I transparent you / you twilight me / you translucent me / you empty castle / and maze me / you parallax me / and parabola me / you vertical me / you horizontal me / you oblique me / I equinox you / I poet you / you dance me / I particular you / you perpendicular / and mezzanine me / you visible me / you silhouette me / you infinite me / you indivisible me / you irony me / I fragile you / I ardent you”

‘Taking Body’ – a title borrowed from stateless poet Gherasim Luca – focuses on transpositing, in the exhibition, an open body, at the same time powerful and fragile, enticing and inaccessible too. A singular body, always, but a desiring body, ready to take center stage to rouse the other’s desire. We want to place in the center of our presentation the question of desire, its instability, its transience and what it provokes inside us as well as on the outside, a certain movement, when faced with normalcy, with what we know of it and how it works on us to the point where we don’t know how to reach out to someone else, especially if that Other offers many faces, if s / he walks on masked.
For Jean-Charles de Quillacq as for Boudry / Lorenz, it is about a position both noble and skewed, divine and diabolical: I am here, I am mimetic, I am with the others and at the same time, I am intimidating, mute, statuesque, mesmerizing, distorted, invisible. Here, no aesthetic neutrality, but new relationships, other lineages, whether it be in the queer resistance strategies that Boudry / Lorenz take over and develop further, in the expressive vitality of a body that hardens or softens without complex, or in the visual strength of Lamiel’s works, that endlessly mirror her desire to emancipate herself from the established order to rebuild undone or un-existing links.

Marcelle Alix
Isabelle Alfonsi
Cécilia Becanovic

4 rue Jouye Rouve
75020 Paris

+33 9 50 04 16 80

Shown at LISTE:

Jean-Charles De Quillacq, 1979, FR

Laura Lamiel, 1943, FR

Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, 1972 / 1963, CH DE