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For Liste 2020, Madragoa will present a solo project by Gonçalo Preto (Lisbon, Portugal, 1991) exploring the representation of dim environments, through works ranging from large scale landscape scenes to compositions of objects and figures where detailed depictions emerge from darkness.

Gonçalo Preto’s practice is rooted in the study of traditional painting techniques, to obtain different visual effects that create the atmosphere embedded in his paintings, as well as verisimilitude effects with the real subject depicted. His visual vocabulary is constituted by found images, reworked and painted, that are often defined by a mysterious, uncanny and unclear character.

Preto has been interested in the way the observer’s eye adapts to the blackness, ciphering the elements and interactions represented, offering intriguing narratives through often fragmentary, eerie visions. At Liste the works will engage fluidly with the exhibition space, by being displayed on walls completely painted black, blurring the limits between the space of the booth and the space of the paintings while intensifying the visual experience of the works.

Madragoa, Lissabon
Matteo Consonni
Gonçalo Jesus

Rua do Machadinho 45
1200-705 Lisbon

+35 121 3901 699