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Weiss Falk’s Liste booth aims at recreating the performative nature of “repetition” inherent in Tina Braegger’s work by presenting a different bear painting every day during the fair week. Furthermore, exhibiting the art fair’s booth itself and catapulting visitors into a familiar, generic environment renegotiates the fragile boundary between art and the everyday and thus the oscillation of value and meaning, which remains an essential question in Braegger’s practice.

Braegger’s use of the Weiss Falk exhibition booth as a performative environment relates back to historical concepts where the exhibition refers to the context of its own creation, including Claes Oldenburg’s The Store or Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s theatrical environments. Like these works, Braegger’s booth destabilizes the viewer and transforms the static environment of the exhibition into a space for active exploration by creating a state of suspension between recognition and astonishment, memory and speculation

 The booth environment will be activated by a performative reading and workshop for children by Braegger. Hereby the artist will introduce her fictional diary by a 84-year-old artist The Grateful Dead, A Diary by Gabriel Krampus (2016) and her coloring book for children and adults The Grapefruit Bear (2019). 

Weiss Falk
Oskar Weiss
Oliver Falk

Rebgasse 27
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