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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel und auf Liste Showtime Online:
Ali Meer Azimi


According to Fredric Jameson in “The Aesthetics of Singularity”, “An ontology of the present is a sciencefictional operation.” This text was presented alongside Siah Armajani’s drawing titled, “Sound Towers Project (1969)” and Abbas Kiarostami’s movie titled, “First Case, Second Case (1979)”. It paved the way for artist to think about a specified period of time that we call “at the moment.” A “at the moment” that compared to another form of time, is constantly shaping contemporary geopolitics and is involved with another instant that the artist knows as The moment of impact: “Attention, attention! The sound you are hearing is a warning signal or a red siren. It indicates …” This project is on one hand dealing with various characters of sound, hearing receptors, and listening processes, and on the other hand the It proposes approaches to counteract or neutralize them all involved with some form of transparency. As if the moment is a corridor of sound that cannot be imagined without auditory experience.

Hormoz Hematian

No. 6, Beedar St.
Fereshteh St.
1965917753 Teheran


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