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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel:
Tosh Basco
Troy Montes Michie
Leyla Faye

Präsentiert auf Liste Showtime Online:
Tosh Basco


Tosh Basco’s improvisational performance work, done under the name boychild, arose from the underground drag scene in San Francisco and since then collaboration has remained a vital aspect to her work. Her drawings, which are made by pressing her body tinted with makeup and paint onto paper, are the physical and emotional imprints of these movements. Hung on the wall or resting on pedestals meant to mimic stages, these works speak to the unseen and intimate elements of Basco’s more public persona.

Leyla Faye uses painting as a meditation to explore moments of unity, authenticity and belonging within the realities of diverse identities. Inspired by ideas of shape-shifting, Faye takes mundane and everyday objects such as towels, bed sheets and moss, and transforms them into material for her textural landscapes which are then populated by moving and melded compositions of figures. The results are everyday scenes morphed into charged psychological environments.

Inspired by garment construction, textile patterning, and camouflage, Troy Montes Michie proposes new modes of visibility by physically weaving, cutting, sewing and layering photographic imagery. Drawing specific reference from the zoot suit, Michie relates pattern making and garment construction to the process of creating self-identity. For Michie, this disruptive history is a critical reminder of the ways in which self-fashioning can both affirm and disguise aspects of race, class, and gender.

Sophie Mörner

145 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012

+1 646 756 4547

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