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Unlike last year, when we featured only one artist from our gallery program, this year we’re juxtaposing three young artists at our stand who have shown or soon will show at our space. Zürich painter Urban Zellweger, with whose works we opened our 17 / 18 season; Veit Laurent Kurz, whose first solo
show at the gallery will be held shortly before the Liste; and Sveta Mordovskaya, with whom we’ll be ringing in the season in Basel in September 2018.

Our media at the stand will cover all three pillars of the fine arts: drawing, painting and sculpture:
Sveta Mordovskaya, who has just begun her studies at University of Applied Arts in Vienna, will be showing a new series of sculptures, standing around on the floor and observing happening around them.

Up to eight framed drawings by Veit Laurent Kurz from the Odenwald in Germany will all be hung in a block on one or two walls. They’re black pen drawings from his RElife series: apocalyptic architectonic landscapes, long since deserted by man and reclaimed by nature.

And three or four medium-size oil paintings by Zürich artist Urban Zellweger will be lined up horizontally to run along all three walls of the stand – in an ongoing dialogue with the drawings…

Weiss Falk
Oskar Weiss
Oliver Falk

Rebgasse 27
4058 Basel

+41 76 546 69 16

Shown at LISTE:

Veit Laurent Kurz, 1985, DE

Sveta Mordovskaya, 1989, RU CH

Urban Zellweger, 1991, CH