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Xin Wang


For more then two years, Xin Wang has been exploring the subject of artificial intelligence in relation to therapeutics. In her works she actively investigates the possibilities for making use of such technology in supporting future developments in psychology and healing.

For this exhibition Xin Wang will present five new artworks that involve sound elements essential to therapeutic processes. Continuously and simultaniously each of these five works generates sounds. Taken together they form a symphony of healing sounds that penetrates the entire exhibition. The thematic aspect of the exhibition in its totality pertains to the idea of a psychological healing process. Wang Xin makes creative use of artificial intelligence, algorithms and programming; with some of the installations visitors are encouraged to complete a brief survey of their mental state and psychological condition. After receiving the survey, the installations will play and rotate the therapeutical musical elements in a unique fashion, making use of an algorithm of the artist's own invention. In a four-screen video installation, a virtual mind healer is shown, created by the artist. Participants can at any point actively interact with this shamanic figure. Another sound installation, that encourages the visitors to sit on the floor, is aimed at guiding the visitors into the depth of their minds. The exhibition thus provides the public with an interactive installation exploring their own unique psychological condition.


CLC Gallery Venture
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Na Li
Peng Gao
Yi Zhou
Shixian Sun
Jing Dong

E02, Qixing East Street, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District
Peking 100016

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