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For its presentation at Liste 2020, Exo Exo invites the artist duo Julie Villard & Simon Brossard to show new sculptural works from their vegetal series. From a round bolted metallic base grow twisted cable-stems. They are crowned by a head-flower, sort of an oversized wide open mouth with dried up lips. It is hard to say if what is inside the mouth-head is the entrails of this post nuclear vegetal or some decomposing entity, a big knot of silicone extruded bowels. The whole creature glows from a metallic shine: colour car body or beetle belly. Reminiscent of the formal patina of Art nouveau or flamboyant gothic, these structures' human size acknowledges their presence straight away, when one encounters them in the physical space, in a worrisome present. We have the eyes and perceptive apparatus of our time; the images of the Amazonian forest fires and desertification of the lands already printed on our retina. Here are the scorched flowers of capitalocene, the mutated sprouts of a contaminated earth. The production process of the two artists is not one of the ready-made nor one of an inspired sculptor who would chisel the idea out of a block of marble. The sculptures rather originate from serial manufactured elements by the industry (mass, luxury or cutting edge). They are moulded, duplicated and assembled, so as to activate latent representations and potential scenarios of the physical leftovers that make up our ecosystem and colour our present. The lifeforms develop and flourish according to the mould and the armature, provided by the industrial and post-industrial patterns of late capitalism, which shape the bodies and the minds before even the fiction and science-fiction takes a part in it.

Exo Exo
Antoine Donzeaud
Elisa Rigoulet

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