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Kinke Kooi


Looking sharp is a complex understanding: in my opinion it means cutting away the unnecessary.

My mother never looked sharp in that way but for me always extremely beautiful: her wardrobe is her palette and her fits her art pieces. She always works with scarfs and drapes them. I think my sympathy for drapes and folds comes from there: drapes are pliable and fittable, even sexual organs are created with folds and plies. It is the boneless part, without construction and I see that as a philosophy.

The funny thing is that the only word I remember from my history lessons at primary school is the word fibula. This was a pin used to keep drapings together and you see them still in folkloristic dress. The whole piece of fabric is draped in a dress: I see that as a holistic statement.

– Kinke Kooi

Lucas Hirsch
Lucas Hirsch

Birkenstrasse 92
40233 Düsseldorf

+49 1786949087

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