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Born in Kochi, Japan, in 1979, and currently based in New York, Akira Ikezoe has been using painting, drawing, performance and animation to explore the ever winding relationships between humans and nature. His work is as humorous as it is philosophical, suggesting that nature is not only around us, but most importantly, that it exists inside of us.

Proyectos Ultravioleta’s presentation for LISTE 2018 aims to showcase Ikezoe’s unique practice through his most recent large scale oil paintings on canvas. Through a seamless free flowing association of graphic forms, spectators are invited to follow a very playful narrative that sees different characters experience everyday idiosyncrasies of present-day humanity. The paintings themselves seem to be a contemporary play on Japan’s ‘etoki’ (pictorial storytelling) art history, which can be traced back to the twelfth century ‘emaki’ scrolls that depict anthropomorphized animal caricatures that satirize society during this period but have no text, making it a pictorial aid to a story. This will be the first time that Akira Ikezoe’s work is presented in Europe, inviting visitors to transport themselves from the busy dayto-day in the fair, and in our lives, into the humorous everyday situations depicted within the canvases of one of the most exciting young painters working today.

Proyectos Ultravioleta
Stefan Benchoam

21 calle 11-09 z1
01001 Guatemala City

+502 2253 9288

Shown at LISTE:

Akira Ikezoe, 1979, JP