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Primarily creates animations, videos and installations that explore the relationship between media and memories, HSU Che-Yu attempts to recapture the power of virtual image and narrative to replace reality through his works.

The initial appearance of moving image in the 19th century brought about unprecedented optical experience where viewers could no longer distinguish the boundary between reality and simulation. However, as advanced as simulation technologies have become, they seem to have lost their initial force. Hsu's early work is deeply influenced by animated news reports found in popular media, drawing particular inspiration from Hong Kong-based newspaper Apple Daily's animated news. Watching these highly fictional, exaggerated, and comical skits, the artist was shocked to realize that one victim in a tabloid news story was in fact his high school class mate. This created a loophole interpenetrating fiction and truth, reportage and memory, and public and private.

In Hsu's work, everyday life, media reports, and art historical events are reenacted by animated figures that have identical faces but take on different characters as the plots unfold. Resonating with collective memory, the works reveal how the fabric of individual life may reflect the general situation in Taiwan, China. As animated figures move within real settings, marginalized stories and memories crystallize. The viewer may then recall the commonalities in these storylines and recognize the hidden seams of narrative construction where in there lies a history closer to the lived experience of everyday life. Hsu is concerned with issues that go beyond not only with how historical events can be traced through media, but also the construction and visualization of memories, be they private or collective. Through oddities that people can hardly tell authenticity of, his videos explore how media influences the way we understand the world.

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