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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel:
Olga Pedan
Daphne Ahlers

Präsentiert auf Liste Showtime Online: 
Daphne Ahlers


Sundy will exhibit a double presentation with sculptural works by German artist Daphne Ahlers and paintings by Ukrainian artist Olga Pedan.

Daphne Ahlers uses elements of comedy and cuteness as a strategy for self-assertion and navigating aspects of objectification and ornamentation in relation to gender roles and stereotypes. 
Olga Pedan’s paintings can be seen as an investigation into how we make sense of images for the purpose of communication. By blending spatiality and color-fields with other forms of information such as text, symbols and characters, she creates a pictorial language that is open in its references and leaves room for different registers of understanding. 

Francesca von Zedtwitz-Arnim
Liam Tickner

63 Black Prince Road
London SE11 5QH
United Kingdom

+44 751 400 1290

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