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Maruto Ardi (b.1992, lives and works in Bandung) is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist who utilizes ready-mades and assemblage into building a complex lexicon that looks into the ontological nature of utility and function. There is an interest in the aesthetic of the mass produced, in relation to how one thereafter interacts as well as perceives, as well as how human behavior plays initially a role in defining the design of the objects around them, but also how these objects then permeate in turn our daily consciousness.

For his solo presentation in Liste, Maruto is developing a new body of work that primarily looks at the notion of “level” and builds four variations of objects that dialogue with each other in order to achieve a state of physical balance (which in and of itself is arbitrary relative to where the works are shown). In order to achieve this, Maruto builds a lightbox that is suspended by its own power supply cable with the help of climbing grappling hooks, in conversation with a quasi book/aquarium that allows for the insertion of metal screws into a wall in replicable “X” patterns, as well as a set of automotive metal parts that allow for the balancing of a billiard ball. As with the book/aquarium, four champagne glasses balance on hydraulic jacks and act as water passes that reveal how the work has achieved a state of equilibrium.

Maruto’s solo exhibitions include: Art Jakarta (2019), site-specific work for ROH Projects Projects, Jakarta, Indonesia; Gallery Specific #01: Lir Space (2018) , Lir Space Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Selected group exhibitions include: S.E.A. Focus (2020), Gillman Barracks, Singapore; ARTJOG MMXIX (2019), Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

ROH Projects, Jakarta
Laksama Tirtadji
Stella Katherine

Equity Tower 40E
Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav. 52–53
12190 Jakarta