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Sara Sadik develops a protean artistic practice combining video, music performance, installation and photography. Her work is interested in recurring themes of hybridity, cultural and colonial legacy, migration and diaspora. Taking her inspiration in the suburban popular contemporary culture, she questions its representation through strong references to hip-hop music, fashion, social networks and science-fiction - specifically exploring the aesthetic symbols of “Beur” culture (from the working class of the North African diaspora in France, which is often exoticized or even despised). 

For Liste 2020, she presents the installation, “La Zetla Zone en personne”, which includes a new video, a series of textile sculptures and 1 video installation. It suggests an anthropological study of a fictive neighborhood of Marseilles, the city where Sara Sadik lives and works. 
The video (projected), Zetla Zone - 2ZDZ Simulation, (duration 7’17) proposes to a gentrified audience a 3d simulation of a lawless zone in Marseilles. After decades of public neglect and distance, this fictive territory was left alone, with a specific people cut off from the other habitants. 
The video installation (3 monitors) features a video portrait of some habitants of Zetla Zone, who developed specific physiological trends since they were cut off from other people and exposed to dangereous gases after recurrent clashes with police. 
The sculptures from the series “Dors Petit Dors” mix hand-made fake football jerseys and advertisement textile evoke a urban uniform, as well as a hybrid sleeping bag/outfit. 

Sara Sadik’s work, not exempt from humour and irony, tends to document the reality she suggests through fictions and productions, in which she herself performs. She deconstructs the social sterotypes of masculinity and redirects them in imaginery and diverted stories. She has a very specific way of dealing with the contemporary social, politic, economic issues inherent to our neo-liberal, urban contexts.

Axel Dibie
Alix Dionot-Morani

9 rue des cascades
75020 Paris