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Gala Porras-Kim’s work questions how knowledge is acquired and tests the potential of the art object to function as an epistemological tool outside of its traditional, art historic context. Recent work examines the ultimate and literal signifier of culture: language, particularly its sounds.

She uses the social and political contexts that influence the representation of language and history to make art objects through the process of learning. The work comes from a research-based practice that aims to consider how intangible things such as sounds, language and history have been represented through different methodologies in the fields of linguistics, history and conservation. It takes into account the way people represent sounds that make up communication with an object whether is through codes or a written form, and conversely, how objects can be used to make a historical narrative through artifacts.

Pamela Echeverría

Gral. Fco. Ramírez #5
11830 Mexico City

+52 55 6304 8755

Shown at LISTE:

Gala Porras-Kim, 1984, US CO