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For Liste 2020, Sans titre (2016) presents a new body of works by Danish painter Tanja Nis-Hansen (b.1988)

Withdrawn from any traces of contemporary life, Tanja Nis-Hansen’s paintings present a scenery that reveals the painter’s sensibility towards what could be described as an unconventional synthesis of historical styles. The artist holds a tremendous fascination for theatre and stage design, which in the paintings surfaces through the inner logic of space on the canvas, but also through an all over “theatrical” mode of representation. Tanja Nis-Hansen’s works not only depict metaphorical narratives that portray interior conditions, but also demonstrate contemporary strategies in painting. Looking at the elongated bodies, refined draperies and the psychedelic use of colors and patterns, the characters in her paintings seem to be “undead”. Like vampiric creatures, they carry the memory of passed times and styles. The Benign Tumour ,Tanja Nis-Hansen first solo show with Sans titre (2016) was conceived by the artist as an hommage to amateur theater. She created a scenographic scheme emphasizing on the different protagonists / elements involved in the scenic process: the stage, the actors, the action, the decor, the spectators, the omniscient narrator. This project is the starting point of the proposition she developed for Liste.

Tanja Nis-Hansen lives and works in Berlin. She studied in Copenhagen and Vienna before achieving both her BFA (2016) and MFA (2018) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg under the supervision of professor Jutta Koether. She has had solo exhibitions at Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen (2019), at Come Over chez Malik’s, Hamburg (2017) and at the Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg (2015). She was awarded a grant by the Danish Art Council in 2019, after being nominated for the Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium, the Hiscox Kunstpreis and the Schues Nachwuchsforrderung all in 2018.

Sans titre (2016)
Marie Madec

33, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin
75010 Paris